PLAIN HOMELAND-Modern Furniture Brand-OXME
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expressed an elegant aesthetic of "freedom,selfdom and romance".
It pays more attention to product design and is good at mixing plentiful curves,
color tones and divise material into each item in order to creat a positive and bright vibe.

Curve is the classic element of OXME.
Plentiful curves are utilized to make sofa rounded and also show OXME's exclusive charm.


In terms of material,the mix and match of leather,flannel,
hardware,reflects the balance between sensibility and rationality.
Meanwhile,OXME's colorful tone shows bold and confident personality.

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Q : Could we be your oversea partner?
A : Welcome,anytime!As high-end furniture factory,we are keeping seeking reliable partners who have the same goal and sense of values to build long-term cooperative relationship.

Q : Do you have standard to your partners?

A : We hope our partners have plentiful experience in furniture community and we also concern on partners' market resources and online sale.

Q : How do we become your partner?

A : If you're interested in cooperating with us,please contact us through the contact details provided on our official website.You can fill in the cooperation application form or send emails to our oversea department.

Q : How's process about cooperation?

A : Cooperation process includes preliminary negotiation, cooperation intention confirmed and detailed business negotiations and the final signing of cooperation agreements.The specific processes are different according to the situation of the partner and the mode of cooperation.

Q : How many cooperation ways?

A : We consider different cooperation modes like exclusive agency,dealer,joint capital and franchise.The specific mode of cooperation will be discussed according to the needs and interests of both sides.

Q : What support and resources are available?

A : As our partner, you will have access to a range of support and resources, including store design, soft fit, event promotion, marketing support, product training, sales tools and promotional materials. We will work closely with you to ensure the success and mutual benefit of the cooperation.

Q : What are the regional restrictions on investment cooperation?

A : We welcome partners from all over the world, with no specific regional restrictions. We are willing to cooperate with partners with the right conditions and potential to jointly explore the international market.
If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.